All the Colors in Among Us [Characters & Curiosities]

In Among Us we can choose different colors for our character, which sometimes will be an impostor and sometimes a crewmate who will have to perform the tasks together with the rest of the companions. There are a lot of details and data about the use of colors in Among Us. In addition, although it is not part of the game itself, there are certain colors that could influence psychologically when it comes to being suspicious or not in front of the rest of the crew. If you want to know all the details and curiosities about the colors in Among Us just keep reading.

Among Us Colors

The colors in Among Us change the appearance of the characters. These colors are commonly chosen by each player (the division between crew members and impostors being random afterwards), who can choose from a total of 18 different colors:

Once we are in the lobby, just before entering the game, we can go to the customize menu and choose the color we like the most for our character. This color will be maintained throughout the game. Once the game is over we can change it again before starting the next one.

Curiosities about the colors of Among Us

The colors in Among Us bring the game to life and enhance it visually. Below you can read some curiosities about the colors in Among Us:

  • There are currently 18 colors available for characters in Among Us, but this has not always been the case, as some colors were added after launch, such as Cyan and Lime.
  • Some of the new colors were chosen by community vote, an example of this is that there was a vote via Discord in which you had to choose between the color Olive and Coral, in which ended up winning the second one.
  • Some of the colors that came out later were Garnet, Pale Pink, Gray, and Banana.
  • A rather curious fact about the colors in Among Us is that if we choose a color ID that is not a whole number, our character’s color during that game will be randomly selected.
  • The crewmates’ accessories change their appearance a bit depending on the color we choose.
  • There are two colors that are not used because they are not available: Fortegreen and Olive. The Fortegreen could be used initially but it generated a lot of bugs and errors.
  • Finally, it should be noted that the color of our character does not affect the odds of being an impostor. However, if there can be deductions by our companions attending to the psychology of colors. Read on to find out more about this.

Colors Among Us

Meaning of Among Us colors psychologically

In the game Among Us nothing is specified about the colors affecting the gameplay, however there are certain aspects that we know by the psychology of colors that we could apply to our matches of Among Us, because it is possible that with some colors we are related to the figure of the Imposter more than with others. So be very careful when choosing color, and keep in mind some of these details:

The best colors to trust you in Among Us: Orange and Blue.

The best colors to go unnoticed: Gray, Tan, and Cyan.

The most eye-catching colors (that could make you stand out): Yellow, Purple, and Dark Green.

The colors that are most associated with impostors (and that can make them distrust our innocence): Red and Black.