How to Draw Among US Characters + Drawing Ideas ✏️ [Guide]

If you are a fan of Among Us and you also love to draw, the best thing you could do is to start learning how to draw the crew members of the ship. In this tutorial you will learnhow to draw characters from Among us in a simple way, and we also tell you some tricks and drawing ideas.

We will be able to draw different versions of the characters, both the original version and the ghost version of the crew members once they have been killed by the impostor. Later, when we have gotten the hang of it, we can decide to try more complicated drawings like drawing the version of pikachu Among us, Yoda Among Us (Star Wars), versions of Among Us drawings for Halloween, and much more.

How to draw Among Us characters step by step

The first thing we have to do when it comes todrawing Among Us characters is to get the necessary materials, which we will explain below. Then we have to find a comfortable and luminous place where we can sit down to draw quietly. We can use background music if it serves as inspiration, allowing us to relax and enjoy the learning process.

We will begin to draw the simplest version of a character from Among Us and then gradually complicate it. We take the pencil correctly in our hand, firmly but not too tightly, and begin to make soft strokes on the blank paper to warm up and begin to give looseness to our wrist. Once we have loosened up and inspired we start with the drawing of a crewmate with crown, Let’s go for it!

  1. We draw a curved line at the top of the sheet, trying not to make it too big, as it will mark the size of our drawing and it is easier to start with a smaller version of the character.
  2. Continue the line gently downward, on both sides of the end of the curve we just drew (Figure 2 in column 1).
  3. Continue the line downward, on both sides of the end of the curve we just drew (Figure 2 in column 1).
  4. Close it.
  5. We close what will be the base of our crew member’s body by adding two new lines to form his feet.
  6. We already have the base of our character, the next step will be to draw an oval at the height of the eyes, it will be the screen of his helmet (Figure 2 of column 2).
  7. We use the gum rubber of our character.
  8. We use the eraser to touch up the visor so that the base of our character is perfectly visible.
  9. Now we only have to add two details, the crown and the backpack. To draw the crown we make a line upwards from the head, and complete the three peaks.
  10. Finally we make a semicircle on the back and optionally we color a little bit the visor with gray tones, to give it a more dynamic effect.
  11. We have our first Among Us drawing ready! Now we just have to color it with the color of our favorite crewmate.

How to draw among us characters step by stepYou can continue practicing with the ghost version of Among Us characters, it is also a pretty simple version to begin to learn how to draw. Don’t forget to be patient and retouch the drawing as many times as necessary. Practice and practice is the secret to get spectacular drawings.

draw ghost of among us


What materials are needed to draw Among Us characters

First of all, prepare the materials to draw Among us characters, you will only need some basic ones to start drawing. Simply with a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser we can start learning and having fun drawing our favorite characters, but if you want to start more professionally from the beginning get a sketch pad and some coloring pencils. You can also opt for colored markers (a more difficult version) or even watercolors. As you can see, you don’t need too many materials to start, so find a comfortable place with good light and don’t wait any longer? Let’s draw!

Drawing Ideas Among Us

When it comes to ddrawing Among us characters we have a lot of different ideas, inspired by other series and characters, or simply adding embellishments and details to the look of the crewmates and the original impostor. Below, you will find differentAmog us drawing ideas for any time of the year. let your imagination run wild!

Draw Among Us Kawaii

Below you can see some images so you can get inspired anddraw kawaii versions of Among Us characters. You can decorate it with cute elements or simply make your own version of the Among Us Bubble Tea, or a Among Us Unicorn.

among us kawaii

Among us bubble tea

among us unicorn ideas drawing

Among Us Pikachu (Pokémon)

Fans of the Pokémon saga will really enjoy drawing this Pikachu version of Among Us. You’ll just have to look at the steps in the picture below.

draw pikachu among us

When you have practiced with the Pikachu version you can draw other versions of Pokémon, here is an image for you to get inspired by these adorable characters. Fuse the Among Us crewmates with your favorite Pokémon and give them a touch of color to make them look great.

Among us pokemon

Among Us Halloween drawing ideas

Spooky Season is coming and we can’t stay without drawing the scariest versions of Among Us characters. There are endless ideas for Halloween Among Us drawing such as decorating the crew members with pumpkins, bat wings, Among Us mummy, and much more.

Among us pumpkin drawing halloween

How to draw an Among Us Corpse

There are two ways to draw a Among Us corpse, we can go for the one we like the most or the one we find easier to draw. Both options are quite affordable if we have already practiced a little with the drawings of the previous tutorial. Look at the two images below and make the drawing by paying attention to them to practice.

Drawing corpse of Among Us standing version

draw among us cadaver

Draw Among Us cadaver recumbent version

como dibujar cadaver de among us

In both versions we can color and draw a pool of blood around, if we feel like it we can try to draw the impostor with a knife next to the corpse, it will look great.