Download BACKROOMS MOD – Among Us (New Rol)

BACKROOMS MOD adds a new role to the game that allows us to explore the intricate intricacies of the worlds hidden in the backrooms. The dynamic is to try to escape the place alive while being harassed by a mysterious enemy.

What does BACKROOMS include in Among Us?

In this new game mode includes a new type of Boss, in which its function will be to try to destroy the rest of the crew, as you progress in the game mode the Boss will change shape and develop new skills each time increasing the difficulty of the game.

Boss skills:

  • Don’t look back
  • Skewer
  • No escape
  • No place to run to

Player skills:

  • Jump
  • Push
  • Camera
  • Escape from the backroom

Download BACKROOMS for Among Us

Not available but you can check other free Mods in our Web.