Download BARGHEST MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Barghest role for Among Us allows one of the randomly chosen impostors to have the special ability to reduce the vision of all players in the game. It is recommended to combine this role with other roles included in the pack so that the Barghest is not the only player with special abilities.

Barghest Role MOD

What does BARGHEST MOD add in Among Us?

The new Barghest role will only feature this additional ability, but it should be noted that it is quite powerful, as it has no counter. In addition, it should be noted that the Barghest’s ability will not only affect the crew members, but it will also detract vision to the imposters in the game (if there are more than him). Overall, it is a fairly simple role but it gains a lot when combined with other roles, both for impostors and crew members.

Download BARGHEST MOD for Among Us

This MOD is not available individually, but you can access it using Challenger MOD, one of the most recommended MOD packs on our website.