Download CLEANER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Cleaner MOD for Among Us includes a new special role for an impostor of the game, who will be able to clean the bodies as well as kill other players. It’s basically like combining the Godfather role with the Janitor mafia role. This MOD, being so powerful, will not appear if there are many impostors in the game.


What does CLEANER MOD add in Among Us?

The ability to kill and clean bodies in a single impostor is very powerful, and can cause a lot of problems among crew members, who could disappear at a moment’s notice without anyone knowing where they may have gone, as their body disappears when cleaned. It is quite a powerful role, so it is recommended to combine it with other roles for crewmembers who can stand up to it with their own tools.

Download CLEANER MOD for Among Us

This role is included in The Other Roles, a pack of MODs that includes more than 20 roles that you can combine to your liking in your games with friends of Among Us.