Download Hand vs Foot MOD – Among Us (New Mode)

Hand vs Foot adds a new game mode where one of the players will be the imposter who will play the role of Foot. Another player will play the role of Hand and his goal will be to protect the rest of the players from being crushed by the imposter.

Hand vs Foot

What does Hand vs Foot include in Among Us ?

The imposter will play the role of Foot in addition to having new abilities that will help him eliminate the rest of the players. These new abilities are:

  • TOENAIL. You shoot a fingernail that will eliminate the player it hits
  • FOOT SMASH. Option to smash a player to eliminate him.
  • INVIS SOCK. This ability allows you to put the invisibility sock that turns the foot invisible.
  • STANK FOOT. Option to send stink gas that will damage players nearby.

Hand vs Foot MOD

The protector will play the role of Hand plus he will have new abilities which are:

  • RIP OFF. This ability allows you to pinch the impostor to lower his health bar.
  • RRAB. Option to throw another player to another part of the map.
  • BUFF HANDS. This ability allows you to significantly increase the player’s speed.
  • SPRAY. Nullifies the STANK FOOT ability of the impostor.
  • HAMMER TIME. After completing all tasks unlocks this ability which allows you to eliminate the impostor with a hammer blow.
  • FOOT SMASH. This skill prevents the impostor from crushing another player. It appears next to GRAB when the impostor triggers the same ability plus it is also warned by a sound.

Download Hand vs Foot MOD

Download Hand vs Foot for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not available for free download. However, you can check other Free MODs on our website, where you will also find MODS Packs.