Download Proximity Voice Chat MOD for Among US (CrewLink 2.0.1)

CrewLink, also known as Proximity Voice Chat, is a MOD for Among Us that allows us to communicate by voice with other players in the game without Discord or other applications. In addition, in the moments of the game where it is assumed that we could not talk to the other crew members, we will be allowed to do so as long as we are close to them (otherwise they will not be able to hear what we say).

voice chat proximity mod
This MOD is undoubtedly one of the must-have for Among Us today, since the proximity chat functionality improves the game a lot, as it makes it more dynamic and fun. In fact, we have been able to see numerous streamers on Twitch using this MOD, since to give Show in their streamers is even better.

Download Crewlink Proximity Voice Chat for Among Us v2.0.1

This MOD is developed by Ottomated, which releases it for free via Github for anyone who wants to download and install it. In addition, and believe it or not, the installation of this MOD is really simple, since it has an automatic installer, so we do not have to be moving files between folders.

Proximity Voice Chat MOD

The latest version of Proximity Chat MOD for Among Us is 2.0.1, which brings new support for Epic Games and Microsoft Store, as well as fixing certain bugs and generally improving the usability of the MOD.

Download Crewlink Proximity Voice Chat MOD – Link

How to install Crewlink Proximity Chat MOD on Among Us

Believe it or not, it’s as simple as opening the .exe file you downloaded and letting it install on its own. If Windows warns you that the file is dangerous, you should look for the “open anyway” option.


Once the installation is finished, just click on “Launch Game” and you will be able to enjoy the MOD options inside the game. Please note that for CrewLink to really work, all players in the game must have the MOD installed. Otherwise, only those who have installed it will be able to access the proximity voice chat.

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