Download RANDOM MORPHS MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Random Morphs for Among Us includes a new game mode in which all players will have the same new abilities, which can be acquired by becoming different animals, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Random Morph MOD

What does RANDOM MORPHS MOD add in Among Us?

The only difference between the Imposter and the Crewmen is that the former can kill enemies as usual, so he has the same abilities as the others. In order to become each of the animals, the player must find them randomly around the map. These are the different forms that can be acquired:

  • Pig: It can eat players for a period of time (then it will be expelled from their body again) and roll very fast around the map.
  • Snail: Can trap players for a period of time, but is slower than the others.
  • Spider: Can go through walls and can place webs that slow down the player who passes over it.
  • Balloon fish: Inflates and pops out its spikes.
  • Horse: Sniff.

Download RANDOM MORPHS MOD for Among Us

This MOD is not available for public download, as it is a private MOD from a group of Youtubers. You can access other MODs with new roles in our MODs for Among Us section.