Download Skinny Imposter MOD – *NEW* Among Us Game Mode

Skinny Imposter adds a new game mode that includes the possibility of eating for all players as well as new abilities for the imposter. In this MOD all players will be able to eat salad, drink smoothies and get liposuction to lose weight. Since in this MOD players can get fat and lose weight depending on the decisions they make. There is a meter that will indicate the weight, the game will start with this meter half full.


What does Skinny Imposter include in Among Us ?
The imposter will have to fill the food bar of the players until they explode, that is to say he must feed them until they burst. To do this he will have a series of special abilities which are:

  • Radiation Cake. Create a giant cake that will fatten any player who is in its area of action.
  • Food Tsunami: We will be able to provoke a food tsunami that will fatten the players. When this ability is used, players must hide in one of the numerous fridges on the map.
  • Straw Slurp: Allows you to transport other players to the part of the map you select.
  • Minigame. Possibility to pause the game and play a mini-game that will eliminate a player.
  • Milkshake Puddle. Create a giant milkshake cup that fattens any player within its radius.
  • Hamburger Throw. We will be able to throw hamburgers from a distance.
  • Tangle Iatell. It is a pasta trap that will trap whoever falls into it. The player may be released in exchange for a weight gain.
  • Food Coma.
  • Food. This skill is available to all players and gives you the ability to eat.

Skinny Imposter

Includes a new mini-game that consists of climbing a mountain of food while different foods fall. Players must climb the mountain while dodging obstacles falling from the sky. The player who loses will be thrown into a volcano of melted cheese and eliminated.

Download Skinny Imposter for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not available for public download. We recommend you check other Free MODs , where you will find free MODS and packs.