Download SNIPER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Sniper MOD for Among Us contains a very funny new role for one of the impostors of the game (or several), who will have the possibility to guess the roles of other players to kill them if he guesses correctly.

Sniper Role MOD

What does SNIPER MOD add in Among Us?

The Sniper Impostor‘s new ability, which allows him to take out other players if he guesses their roles, is double-edged in that if he fails in his attempt, the Sniper will receive a punishment (it’s not well specified what it is). The Sniper will be able to use his special ability during the meetings of the game, and will not be able to vote anyone outside these meetings.

In addition, and as a special addition, from the configuration options you can add the option for the Sniper role to have a real Sniper in his hands that he can use to shoot other players from a distance. This option makes him quite powerful, so it is recommended to reduce the number of impostors if activated in the game.

Download SNIPER MOD for Among Us

The new Sniper role is a tier 1 for the Town Of Impostors MOD impostors, which includes many other roles, both for impostors and crew members, which can be combined as desired to create all kinds of different games.