Download WARLOCK MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Warlock role for Among Us gives us access to a new special type of Impostor, who will have the ability to apply a curse on a player of his choice, whose effect will allow him to kill another player at a given time. It should be noted that this MOD is included within The Other Roles, and that when there is a Warlock in the game there cannot be a Vampire.

Warlock MOD Among US

What does WARLOCK MOD add in Among Us?

As we have explained, the new role of Warlock will be an imposter with the ability to apply curses on players. This curse will be able to be used to kill another player who stands near the cursed person, no matter how far the Warlock is from the events.

It is quite a powerful Imposter, as it can kill from a distance without anyone knowing what has happened (since it is not possible to know if the Warlock has cursed someone). That said, when the Warlock kills using his ability, he will have to keep still for a few seconds, which will make him have to hide well to avoid giving himself away.

Download WARLOCK MOD for Among Us

This new role is not available individually, but it can be downloaded along with many other roles within the The Other Roles Pack, which allows us to combine many roles in the same game.