Among Us X Arcane Cosmicubes [League of Legends Collab]đŸ€©

Among Us Arcane Cosmicubes is the new crossover of Among Us with League of Legends, specifically with the new League of Legends series for Netflix: Arcane, a release that has left us all with our mouths open. This new MOD for Among Usincludes magnificent skins of Lol characters for Amons us in its Arcane version. We will find the crewmates more adorable than ever in their versions of Jinx, Heimer, Vi, Caitlyn , Jayce, and Enforcer (new character in the series).

Among Us X Arcane League of Legends

These skins include new Arcane-inspired hats for our Among Us characters, and the Himer skin even brings with it a cute pore mascot. All this content will be available on all Among Us platforms until December 31. What an incredible surprise!

What does Among Us Arcane Cosmicubes add to Among Us?

Among Us Arcane Cosmicubes is a new official collaboration between Innersloth and League of Legends, with the aim of celebrating the launch of the new Arcane series just released on Netflix. This is unexpected news that has left us all shocked, especially those fans of both games and those who have enjoyed the release of the series.

Arcane Cosmicube among us

It is now possible to enjoy Arcane-related Among us content, including the following:

  • Heimerdinger hair, mustache and costume
  • Heimerdinger’s pores
  • Executioner’s helmet and armor
  • Caitlyn’s cap and uniform
  • Vi’s hair and clothing
  • Jinx’s hair, glasses and clothing
  • Jayce’s hair and council suit
  • Jayce’s hair and council suit
  • Chomper
  • Claggor’s glasses

In the following video you can see in detail each of the skins, and the scenes of the series in which they are inspired:

Among Us Arcane Cosmicubes MOD allows us to enjoy incredible content that we would never have imagined to see in Among Us. These League of Legends skins for crewmates are a real blast, as their level of detail is spectacular, from the new hats to the pets. All these new decorations can be purchased in the Among Us store, where once we have unlocked Cosmicubes, we will have full access to all the content.