New Game Modes for Among Us – Download (PC Windows)

If you are looking to download new game modes for Among Us to play with your friends, on our website you can find a selection of the best game modes that are available today. Game Modes are one of the most interesting ways to give a new fresh touch to the original game, which over time can end up being repetitive.

New Game Modes for Among Us

What is the purpose of the new game modes for Among Us?

It should be noted that all of these game modes are unofficial, and can be acquired by downloading MODs that edit the original game files. In order to play these new game modes with your friends you will have to make sure that all players have installed the MOD correctly, otherwise they will not be able to enter the game.

Unlike roles, which only affect a limited number of players, game modes usually directly affect all players in one way or another. In my opinion, they are much better than an individual role if they are well designed, as they offer entirely new experiences to the game, with new secondary objectives for crew members and imposters.

Download game modes for Among Us

Here you can see all the new game modes for Among Us available for download on our website. Most of those available are part of modpacks containing many other game modes and roles, which we recommend downloading rather than installing individual game modes separately.

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How to install game modes in Among Us

Game modes for Among Us are installed just like any other MOD:

  • Unzip the file
  • Copy the MOD files inside the root folder of the game files.
  • Open the game in the normal way and wait for it to install the first time.