7 Best MODPacks for Among Us – Download (Windows PC)

Discover the best MOD Packs for Among Us (download and install for Pc Windows) to access many new roles and game modes in a single MOD, which is the best option to mod Among Us in 2021. Today we have plenty of options to choose from, as there are several MOD packs for Among Us very remarkable, and all are at a similar level of quality between them.

MODPAcks (Among Us)

Advantages of MOD Packs for Among Us

While it is true that there are many very interesting MODs that are not available within these MOD Packs, it is worth noting that adding up the different options that we are going to show you in this article you could easily count about 50/100 new roles or game modes that cannot be accessed in any other way. In addition to this, the advantages of choosing one of these MODs packs are clear:

  • You will be able to set up different types of games with many new roles or rules without constantly changing MODs
  • You will be able to combine different roles in a thousand different ways, which you can’t do with single role or single game mode MODs.
  • Although some of the roles are repeated in all the Packs, most of them are exclusive to each one, so you will be able to access new unpublished roles.
  • You will be able to access from time to time to new updates that will include interesting new features, such as new roles or game modes.

Download MOD Packs for Among Us 2021

These are all the quality options available as of today to add various roles and game modes in a single installation of Among Us.

What are the best MOD packs for Among Us?

The truth is that as of today we have several very interesting options, and there is no one that stands out tremendously above the others. A few months ago the scene was quite different, but the new options that have appeared in recent months have caught up with the few options that were there at the beginning.

Although depending on the era there is always one MOD pack more popular than the others, the truth is that the vast majority of them are at a very similar level. These are all the MOD Packs we recommend on our website, with what they include within them:

  • The Other Roles: a MOD Pack that appeared a short time ago and that has already earned a place among the greatest, including 25 new roles within the game.
  • Town Of Us: has more than 20 new roles, many of them unpublished. It is one of the options that are gaining strength recently, and today is the leading MOD pack.
  • Skeld.net: adds 15 new fun game modes that will allow you to go one step further in your Among Us games.
  • Town Of Impostors: a mod with about 10/15 new roles, and several very interesting variants for the impostor figure, who will have different new abilities.
  • Challenger MODPack: one of the newest MOds on the list, which includes 15 very interesting new roles, most of them unpublished, so they are not available anywhere else.
  • Extra Roles: One of the options of the list that in the past was a bombshell, but nowadays has been left a little behind. It only has 4 new roles for the game, and all of them can be found in any of the other packs. For this reason, it’s one of those we don’t recommend downloading (unless you’ve already tried all the others).
  • All Of Us: A MOD that includes a few new roles and game modes, which is awaiting a major update to bring it up to par with the best options available today.

As you will see, among these six options alone there are thousands of different possible configurations to create your Among Us games together with your friends. Remember that it will be necessary for all players to install the MOD Pack in order to access the game lobby.

How to install a MOD Pack in Among Us

All packs are installed in the same way, both on Steam and Epic Games (as in a proper installation). Here is the process:

  • Locate the file folder of the original game (you can easily do this using Steam or Epic Games)
  • Copy the MODPack files you want to install inside the game files, in the root folder (at the height of the .exe file).
  • Open the game and wait for the files to install correctly (this will only be necessary the first time).