Download VIRUS IMPOSTOR MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new MOD Impostor Virus for Among Us adds a new impostor role in the game that will have the possibility of infecting the crew members to achieve victory. This impostor will have a number of special abilities to achieve his goals.

Virus Impostor MOD

What does VIRUS IMPOSTOR MOD VIRUS add in Among Us?

The Impostor will need to infect crew members to kill them. Once he infects one of them, he will be able to pass the virus to the others, so he will have to get a cure. When a crew member is infected, he must find a vaccine, which can be found randomly anywhere on the map. If he fails to get vaccinated, it will be best to stay away from the other crew members or he will infect them.

Virus Impostor abilities

These are the 3 abilities that the new Virus Impostor has and what each of them allows you to do:

  • His Virus: The Impostor will sneeze and kill the nearest crewmember
  • Sus Fever: teleports the impostor to another player’s location.
  • Sus Flu: allows the impostor to fly all over the map.

Download VIRUS IMPOSTOR MOD MOD for Among Us

This new role for impostor is not publicly available, but many other roles and game modes can be accessed from the MOD Packs for Among Us.