Play Among Us Online Edition Free (Always Impostor)

Among Us Unblocked is an Online version of the famous InnerSloth game that allows us to play on the Skeld, Polus and Mira HQ maps from the browser and totally free. If you are looking to play Among Us Online, you have come to the right place, as we have the online version of the Among Us game on our own website, where you can always be an imposter of the game.

How to play Among Us Online Free

In the online version of the game you will only be able to play in single player, as multiplayer has not yet been implemented. If you want to play Among Us for free on PC with your friends, there are other better options. This version allows you to select various options, such as speed and kill cooldown, as well as giving you access to the 3 maps currently available in the game.

The first time you go to play it will take a few seconds to load, but once the game download is complete, you will be able to play seamlessly without any lag. Enjoy Among Us Unblocked Online:

This online version of the game was created by Klopity.

Configuration options:

  • Kill distance: increases or decreases the distance at which the assassin ability can be activated.
  • Speed: increases or decreases the speed at which crew members move.
  • Kill Cooldown: increases or decreases the waiting time that the impostor must respect between kills.
  • Task Amont: number of tasks the crewmembers must complete to win.
  • The icon above the “start” button is where you choose the map.
  • Bottom left is where you can disable shadows and disable the HD version of Skeld.