*NEW* 15 Player Update – Among Us (June Update)

InnerSloth has announced that Among Us will have a new update starting June 15 that will officially allow 15-player lobbies, which brings more to the game than it might first appear.

15 player update

What’s included in Among Us 15 Players Update?

The main and most attractive element of this new Among Us update is clearly the novelty that allows playing 15 players, but it also includes other details:

  • New 15-player lobbies
  • New colors
  • New death and reunion screens.
  • New Support for Moibile Controllers.
  • Official XBOX release has been officially announced before the end of the year.

New 15-player Lobbies in Among Us

The new maximum limit of the games goes from 10 to 15, which is a notable change, enough so that the game can offer completely new experiences. To give an example, the new 15-player lobbies will be able to easily accept 3 imposters without the game being completely unbalanced.

This is one of the first updates of many, as we could already see in the Among Us Roadmap, where all the new features planned for the next updates were announced. It will be available from June 15 and promises to revive a game that had long since lost its appeal (in its official version, of course, as MODs continue to offer very fun and innovative options).

How to create a 15-player Lobbie in Among Us?

It’s as simple as selecting the number of players you want to be able to access the game from the options menu, where other options concerning the lobby are selected.