Among Us Characters (Customize, Colors, Curiosities, Sprites…)

The characters in Among Us are the adorable astronaut beans that we can guide at will through the ship to become the masters of the game. In each game we will be randomly assigned a character and, in addition, we will be assigned a random role before the start of each game.

The appearance of the characters in Among Us is characterized by being short humanoids with no arms and very short legs. In addition, they wear an astronaut suit that covers the rest of their body and also their face. These characters remain with the same appearance throughout the game, except when they die, they change to their ghost version (also with a similar appearance).

These characters are fully customizable with hats and ornaments. We will also be able to choose the color of our character and other actions edit the name to appear the alias that we like. We can even select a pet to accompany our character throughout the journey on the ship.

among us characters

In Among Us, the characters are known especially by the color of each of them. If you are interested in knowing all the information available about the colors of Among Us and the personality of the characters according to their color, you can access directly to this link.

In this section we will focus on some curiosities and information about the characters of Among Us, as well as including tutorials for character customization in the game.

Curiosities about Among Us characters

Below, you can find some curiosities about the characters of Among Us:

  • In one of the tweets from the Among Us account, it is said that Among Us characters look the same if you look underneath their costume.
  • Among Us characters have 5 fingers on their hands as shown in the scanner, but in many occasions when they perform animations such as killing it looks like they only have four.
  • On some occasions it has been seen how Among Us characters have disconnected hands that can appear and disappear whenever they want. Also, the Imposters have teeth and tongues that are as long as they are terrifying.
  • If players play a game as Crewmembers, the names of all characters will appear in white. If they play as an Impostor, the names will appear in red.
  • All characters measure and weigh the same except Strong Green. He weighs 132 pounds, while the rest of the crew weighs 92 pounds. As for their height, they are 3.6” tall.
  • Some theories tell that Among Us crewmembers could be Henry Stickmin characters, due to the voice heard in communications.
  • Among Us characters can drink through osmosis, did you know that?

Among Us character sprites

The characters in Among Us have numerous Sprites, both for the Imposters and the crew members. There are also sprites for their hands, weapon, actions such as walking, climbing the ladder or even getting into the ventilation duct. Here you can see some examples of sprites in Among Us, specifically those of the Impostor and his victim.

among us sprites

Figure 1: Impostor Sprites

among us sprites victima

Figure 2: Victim Sprites

How to customize your character in Among Us?

Customizing your character in Among Us is very easy, you just have to access the computer in the lobby room and click on “Customize”. There you will open a menu that will allow you to change the color and appearance of your character to your liking, and even add skins and ornaments.

personalizar personaje among us

In this section you will find the following customization tabs:

  • Color
  • Hat
  • Pet
  • Costume
  • Game Settings

How to change the color of the Among Us character?

To change the color of the character, once we are in the lobby room and we have accessed the laptop that appears, we click on the “Customize” button and select the color tab. It is the first tab that appears, so it is very easy to find. In this tab we choose the color that we like and ready, it will be saved automatically.

How do I change the name of the characters in Among Us?

To change the name of your character in a game of Among Us you will have to change your username. To do this, go to the account settings at the top left. Select “Account” and then look for the “Change Name” option. There you just have to type the name you want to give to your character and save the settings. Done!