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Today, in the middle of 2023, the Among Us MODs scene has changed a lot since its beginnings. What were initially just small reversions that added new individual roles, today has become one of the main pillars of Among Us being played.

Best Mods for Among Us (February 2023)
Among Us MOD Manager Among Us MOD Manager The best tool for Among Us. It allows you to install all popular MODs easily. Download
Town Of Us MODPack Town Of Us One of the best MOD PACKs today, and the most popular. Download
The Other Roles MOD The Other Roles A Pack of new roles that eventually became the most famous, but gradually lost its place to others Download
Challenger MOD Among Us Challenger MOD Another very interesting Pack, which features numerous roles, some of them unpublished in the other MODs. Download

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Although the new Among Us updates have brought new features such as new roles, new modes and even the improvement to having 15-player lobbies, the truth is that MODs are irreplaceable when it comes to bringing possibilities to the game. If you want to enjoy some good Among Us lobbies with your friends, the best thing to do is to opt for one of the most relevant MOD packs, as they will improve the experience quite a bit if used well.

How to download and install MODs in Among Us? – FULL GUIDE

Despite the fact that in the beginning installing MODs in Among Us was a rather tedious process, nowadays it is as simple as installing a software and letting it do all the work for us. We are talking about Among Us MOD Manager, which allows us to install with just one click any of the MOD Packs included. It is the most recommended option in 2023

These are the simple steps to follow to enjoy the best MODs of Among Us in 2023:

  1. Download and install Among Us MOD Manager
  2. Open the program and select the MOD Pack of your choice.
  3. Install it with a simple click and enjoy new roles and game modes.

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How to download mods for Among Us (+100 New ones!)

Download MODs of new roles for Among Us

In Among Us there are many, many private MODs with spectacular new roles, which are not released as they usually belong to Youtubers who use them for their videos. It’s a pity, as this kind of MODs would completely change the scene if all of them were released to the community. Here you can see some of the new roles included in these private MODs.

Download New Game Modes – Among Us MODs

In addition to new roles, MODs for Among Us can also offer us new game modes, which incorporate new rules to the game, or new skills for most players. We can find ourselves with quite fun game modes, such as Battle Royale. These are the best game mode MODs for Among Us:

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Download FNF MODs for Among Us – FNF Characters in Among Us

One of the most interesting novelties of the last weeks are undoubtedly the new FNF MODs in Among Us. In these MODs we will be able to enjoy new impostor roles inspired by famous characters from Friday Night Funkin’.

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