Download Among Us MODS [+100 NEW Roles & Modes] – August 2021

Among Us is a game that, being so simple, allows any small modification to be a novelty for the gameplay and the events of the game. Although we do know that the new game title will feature new roles, currently the only way we have to approach them is to use Mods for Among Us.

These Mods are becoming very popular lately, as they propose new ways to play the game by just editing small details, such as adding new roles to the game. In addition to this, Among Us Mods can also be used to unlock free skins, although these skins will only be seen from our perspective.

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Download the best Among Us ModPacks

Currently Among Us mod packs are starting to appear, allowing us to install several of these mods at once. This has great advantages, as it will make Among Us games with your friends much more dynamic and fun, adding new roles or fun game modes. Currently, the best Mod packs for Among Us are All Of Us, and Extra Roles, which can be downloaded for free from our website.

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How to download mods for Among Us

Download FNF MODs for Among Us – FNF Characters in Among Us

One of the most interesting novelties of the last weeks are undoubtedly the new FNF MODs in Among Us. In these MODs we will be able to enjoy new impostor roles inspired by famous characters from Friday Night Funkin’.

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Download New Roles – Among Us Best Role MODs

MODs that add new roles are usually the most sought after, as they allow us to add new abilities to the game that can make it more interesting. To me, personally, the Jester role and the Snitch role are the most interesting, but all of them are fun. The only bad thing is that the only way to combine these new roles in the same game can only be achieved with the PACKs of MODs that we have shown you previously.

These are the best role MODs for Among Us:

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Download New Game Modes – Among Us MODs

In addition to new roles, MODs for Among Us can also offer us new game modes, which incorporate new rules to the game, or new skills for most players. We can find ourselves with quite fun game modes, such as Battle Royale. These are the best game mode MODs for Among Us:

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Download Texture Packs – Among Us MODs

Even if they don’t add new features to the game, texture packs for Among Us can make the graphical experience much better, as is the case with Among Us RTX. These are the best ones you can download from our website:

How to install MODS in Among Us for PC

Among Us MODS
Sheriff MOD, one of the most famous Among Us MODs

Although the installation of Among us mods on PC is a bit strange, as soon as you learn how to do it once, you will know how to do it forever (since it is always the same process):

  1. Locate the Among Us shortcut icon on your desktop and right click on it.
  2. Select the option: Open file location.
  3. Copy the entire contents of the folder to a new one. This is just a backup, to restore the original Among Us if something goes wrong or you want to uninstall the Mods in the future.
  4. Go to the folder where you have the Mod you want to install (you can download as many as you want from the list above), and copy the .assets file (which is basically the mod file).
  5. Inside the Among Us files folder, go into the Among Us Data folder and paste the .assets file; if everything went well, you should be asked to replace the new file with the existing one.
  6. And that’s it, once you have replaced the file, you can open the game and check that the mod is already working.

The only disadvantage of these mods is that they are not compatible with each other, and cannot be enjoyed at the same time. To install a new mod and remove the one you were using, you just need to access the same folder and copy the .assets file of the new mod you want to install.

How to install MODS in Among Us for Android

In the case of Android we do not have so many possibilities, since there are no mods as such that we can install in the APK of the game. However, there are multiple modified versions of the game. To install these modified versions, simply uninstall the original app and install the APK file of the MOD version.

On our website we have the best modded version of the original APK with everything unlocked for free. You can find it in our Android section.