Among Us Animations

Since the release of the Among Us game, it has gained millions of fans who have fallen in love with its mechanics, themes and everything that revolves around it. As we know, this has given rise to the appearance of artistic creations inspired by this great video game such as fanarts, memes and much more. Within this group of creations we find something very interesting, it is the animations based on the characters of Among Us. These animations are entertainment cartoons generally aimed at an adult audience.

among us animations

If we go to platforms like Youtube we will find a lot of really original and funny content, as well as a lot of very talented creators. In this section we wanted to compile some of the best Among Us animations.

The best animations of Among Us

Don’t wait any longer and browse through the following gallery to laugh your head off with these Among Us animations based on different stories and game characters, as well as with special surprise guests. Also, with themes for all tastes:

Top Among Us Animation Creators

There are numerous artists and creators of Among Us animations and movies. Below you can find a list of some of the best to keep watching their videos: