Among Us Logic: Daycare – Among Us Animations

Among Us Logic: Daycare – New Among Us animation that offers us a detailed story of what would be a normal day in the life of the crew members of the Among Us ship. It is a very interesting animation that offers details of the interpersonal relationships between these characters and what it means to be the impostor in a game and have to murder your friends.

Among Us Logic Daycare

It all starts with the orange crew member (Mr.Cheese) developing photos in the middle of his studio, which is on the Among Us ship. Then the black crewman shows up and starts asking him questions to distract him little by little until he suddenly apologizes and kills him. Oh god, he turned out to be the imposter! As he stabs him with the knife he apologizes for what he’s doing and keeps commenting on a photo of them together on a trip to Cancun.

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Among Us Daycare is an entertaining animation that offers both humorous and melancholic touches. It tells us in a quite successful way what could happen on the ship if all these characters had their own lives in common. The story is divided in two parts, each one is a new game of Among Us.