The Best Fanarts of Among Us (Realistic Art, Kawaii, Horror…)

As you know throughout the last years Among Us has become one of the most famous video games on the planet. Its trajectory since the summer of 2020 has been unstoppable, reaching players of all ages and from all sectors of the gamer world. Its popularity has grown to such an extent that thousands of fan clubs have been created for the popular game. The content generated, both in unofficial versions of the game as merchandising or animations about their characters has transcended all levels possibly imagined, reaching an unexpected quantity and quality. In this post we bring you some of the most amazing and elaborate Fanarts of the game for you to enjoy.

The best Fanarts of Among Us

Here is a selection of the best Among Us Fanarts we have found. Each and every one of these Among Us fanarts offer an impressive talent, as their authors have taken the time to express their art with a lot of love so that the fan community can enjoy these nice images.

In this version we can see a recurring image of the game, it seems that one of the crew members does not trust much in this other companion, but despite his doubts it seems that he finally turns his back on him…. Bad decision.


Among the many designs and versions of Among Us that we have found, Fanarts that humanize the crew members stand out, some offering a very realistic style.




These kawaii versions of Among Us are absolutely fantastic.



fanart among us cutes

Not all representations of our beloved crew members are kind and friendly, we also encounter a number of them that can be downright scary.



How lonely must you feel when your companions throw you overboard knowing that you will die hopelessly alone at the mercy of space? I certainly wouldn’t want to be in that situation.



We also found some that describe very well the emotions that you can feel playing, you can’t trust anyone, you never know when they will betray you from behind.

The best Fanart artists (Among us)

Preparing this section we have found authentic creators of Among us artwork, which you can find in this section with the best fanart artists of Among us, so you can access their social networks and continue enjoying their content, in addition to their artistic style so characteristic of each of them.


Abyner Gomez

Mountain Mama





Most of the images included in this compilation are signed by the authors of the artistic creations, so we can take advantage to find more content of this type in social networks. Some of these creations do not have the signature, so we give the credits to whoever they belong to.