Among Us Cosmicubes v2021.11.9 [November Update] 🤯

Among us Cosmicubes has arrived! – Among Us new big update for the month of November, which includes a lot of new content that we will tell you about below. In this last and long-awaited update of Among Us we will find new roles, new progression system, and a completely new store, with numerous visual elements that are a real blast.

Among us cosmicubes update

Just read on to discover the plethora of new features and changes that have been added, along with information on everything you need to know about this awesome Among Us update.

What’s included in the new big Cosmicubes update for Among Us?

Among the major changes and new features included in Cosmicubes for Among Us are:

  • New roles
  • New skins and cosmetics
  • New Cosmicubes system
  • Account and XP linking

What roles are included in the Cosmicubes upgrade for Among Us

Cosmicubes includes a total of four new roles for your Among Us games, which add difficulty to the game, improving the user experience in each game. Three of these roles are related to the crew members, while one of them is intended to make the Impostor more complex. These roles are ideal for those who are already almost experts in Among us and control the games to perfection, since this new element will make them get out of their comfort zone, adding fun.  Among thenew roles brought to us by the last update of Among Us include:

  • Scientist👩🔬 You will be able to access vital signs at any time during gameplay.
  • Engineer👷 You will be able to use the vents along with the Impostor.
  • Guardian Angel👼 May protect companions with a shield.
  • Shapeshifter👻 In the Impostor role, will allow to transform into any of the crew.

All these roles can be customized, just like in any other Among Us game, changing the probabilities to our liking and modifying the skills individually.

 among us cosmicubes new roles

COSMICICUBES of Among Us: New skins and exclusive decorations

The Cosmicubes are one of the most interesting elements in this new Among Us update. These are elements that refer to the cosmetic part of the game, without affecting the skills, which offer a lot of possibilities to change the appearance of our characters.

cosmicubes among us

In this section we will have ornaments and custom skins, some of them will be paid and others can be enjoyed completely free. We will have new hats, dog tags, new mascots and more skins.

Cosmicubes resources and what each one is for

Cosmicubes resources will allow us to collect different items to then get special cosmetics for the game. As we have mentioned before, some of these objects are paid and others can be obtained for free. The different types of resources are as follows:

  • Cosmicubes
  • Beans
  • Stars
  • Pods
  • XP

The cosmicubes are special cosmetic items with themed elements for the game. These are more exclusive items and can be obtained through direct purchase using Beans and Star. It should be noted that we can only unlock this type of content using Pods, which are earned in the game.

The beans are resources (coins) that we will find playing in our online games. They are obtained completely free of charge.

beans cosmicubes

The stars are premium resources (coins), which can only be obtained by purchasing them in the store. With them we will be able to acquire special items and Cosmicubes.

If we have Cosmicube activated, we will be able to collect Pods through the game. We have to keep in mind that each Cosmicube has a different Pod and these are not transferable between Cosmicubes.

pods cosmicubes

In our games we will also gain experience, which allows us to increase the level of our characters. These level increases will offer bonuses for the game that will allow us to obtain a greater number of beans.

Account linking, experience, achievements, and new changes from the Cosmicubes update [Among US]

This new update has brought with it the ability to link our accounts between different devices, something quite logical now that we have to accumulate experience, skins, and items. There are also some changes in gameplay and controlsthat we should take into account with this update. From now on, every time we enter Among Us (from any platform) we will have all the objects and experience linked to our account, great, right?

But we must be very careful because this new system includes an exception, it is the Among Us store for the Nintendo Switch console, which will only allow us to have our experience and objects on the Switch. It is very possible that this will change in the future, but for now you have to be very careful.

Never before have your Among Us characters been so adorable. With this immense amount of new hats, skins and pets, let it not be said that we can’t go divine in our games. In addition to these skins with designs ranging from exotic to formal, there will also be new collaborations with other games to offer unique and unparalleled skins. We already have an example of this in the League of Legends Among Us X Arcane collaboration.