FNF in Among Us – Download MODs [New FNF Roles & Modes]

Today there are MODs of all kinds for Among Us, and Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) could not be left behind in this regard. Therefore, in the new series of FNF MODs for Among Us, we will show you the best FNF roles and game modes for Among Us.

New FNF Impostor Roles in Among Us – New Characters

Quite a few releases of this style are appearing lately, which offer us quite new roles for the game. If you’re a fan of FNF, you’ll like all the MODs that have been created, as they are inspired by the main characters of the game’s MOD community.

Can FNF characters be included in Among Us?

The new FNF roles for Among Us turn characters known from Friday Night Funkin’, such as Whitty or Tricky, into in-game imposters. Each of these characters has their own abilities, which are inspired by the unique characteristics of each character.

Although each of the new roles has its own peculiarities, in most cases the main gameplay consists of the impostor having to reduce the life of the other opponents (which starts at 100 and must reach 0 to die).

As you can see, there is not much variety available yet, but the ones that have already been released look quite interesting and fun. As the days go by new FNF characters will appear for Among Us, as they are becoming quite popular lately.