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With the Garcello MOD for Among Us you will be able to access a new impostor role and a new and totally exclusive game mode. This MOD not only affects the impostor role, as it also grants new abilities (although few) to its players.

Garcello in Among Us

Although the objectives of the crew members and the impostor are exactly the same as in a normal game, there are several new features in the “game mode” that will make the games more fun. It is undoubtedly one of the best FNF MODs for Among Us that have appeared so far.

How does the role of Garcello Impostor work for Among Us?

As we have already mentioned, the players’ objectives are the same as always, but now they will have new tools to achieve them. These are the basic rules of the new Garcello game mode in Among Us:

  • All crew members have a life counter that starts at 100.
  • The impostor (Garcello) must hit the crew members with different projectiles that are available to him in the skill menu.
  • In order to take down Garcello, the crewmembers will have to finish all their tasks, which will allow them to acquire two new skills with which to defend themselves against the imposter.

What abilities does Garcello have in Among Us?

Garcello Abilities

The role of Garcello Impostor has 6 abilities with which he can accomplish his goals in the game. At the beginning he will only have some of them, and he will unlock all of them if he becomes his ghostly version (there are several ways to acquire this form). These are the abilities of Garcello Impostor in Among Us:

  • Tight Bars: Fires fairly fast projectiles, which take life from the crew members if they hit them.
  • Headache: Throws small clouds of smoke that can hit crewmembers and take life from them.
  • Release: An even bigger nbe.
  • Release: An even bigger nbe.
  • Nerves: Boosts all other abilities for a few seconds, making Garcello more powerful.

When Garcello becomes a ghost (which will happen when one of the triopulants gets him hit with the “Smoking is Bad” skill ), he will be able to access two special abilities:

  • Ghost Mcdonald’s: It will send one of the players to a special room, in which he will have to dodge the different columns that come out of the floor to avoid being hit by them (if they hit him he will lose life).
  • Fading: Allows Ghost Garcello to teleport to another position on the map.

For their part, crew members will have 2 new special abilities, which they will be able to unlock by performing their tasks:

  • Smoking is Bad: It will kill Garcello for a while, but then it will turn him into his ghostly version. This ability is unlocked when you have completed half of all the tasks.
  • Smoking is Bad.
  • Proton Pack: the ultimate weapon to finish Garcello’s ghost, which is unlocked by completing all tasks.

Download Garcello MOD in Among Us (new Impostor Role)

It would be a real treat to be able to download this FNF MOD for Among Us, and be able to enjoy this interesting new game mode. However (and unfortunately), this MOD is only available privately to its owners, and no one can access it.

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You can’t download this MOD for now, as it has not been released

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Watch Garcello Imposter Role in Among Us

In this video you can see the MOD in action, played by one of the few channels with private ownership of it.