Monika Impostor in Among US (FNF) *NEW* Role – Download

The new role of Monika in Among Us (DDLC x FNF) allows us to enjoy one of the most famous characters of Friday Night Funkin’ within Among Us, giving her a new role of impostor, and a new custom game mode. The truth is that there are other MODs of this style that are more interesting, as they have better skills and more complete modes, but this one is not bad anyway.

Monika, from Doki Doki Literature Club, and protagonist of one of the most famous FNF MODs, is now also available in Among Us thanks to this new MOD, which is inspired by the character’s original scaracteristics. Although she looks like a good girl, the truth is that Monika is more disturbing than she seems at first.

How does the Monika Impostor game mode work for Among Us?

In this new game mode, crew members will have to run away from Monika in order not to be eliminated. They will have to complete all the tasks before it’s too late and Monika is done with everyone.

Abilities of Monika Impostor in Among Us

These are the 4 new abilities that the new version of Monika Impostor Role has:

  • Did i scare you? – A jump scare that will affect crew members and fill the entire screen, preventing players from being able to tell where they are going. In addition, some of them will be transported to another random area of the map.
  • Snap: It will bend the neck of one of the players, immobilizing them for a long period of time.
  • Just Monika – Will fill the screen with copies of Monika that will take away the players’ vision.
  • Delete – Will randomly kill one of the players.

As you can see, there are other MODs that feature more interesting modes and more abilities, pesto this one is not bad at all.

Download Monika Impostor MOD at Among Us (new Impostor Role)

Although many users would like to download Whitty MOD for Among Us, the truth is that it is a private MOD that is not available to normal players. This MOD is private, which means that we cannot access it unless its owners decide to release it. It’s a pity, as many players would be happy to try this game mode, especially FNF fans.

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The MOD is not available for now.[/su_su_spoiler]

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