Sarvente Impostor in Among US (FNF) *NEW* Role – Download

With the Sarvente MOD for Among Us we will be able to enjoy the mythical protagonist of the Mid-Fight Masses MOD for FNF, one of the most popular in history. In this new MOD for Among Us we will be able to enjoy a new impostor role and a new special game mode (although similar to the game modes of other FNF MODs in Among Us).

Sarvente Abilities

How does the Sarvente Impostor game mode work for Among Us?

As with any Among Us game, the objectives of the crew members will still be to finish the tasks in order to take down the imposter, Sarvente in this case. These are the basic rules that govern the game:

  • All players start with 100 health, which can be reduced if they are hit in different ways by Sarvente.
  • Sarvente will have different abilities that will allow him to hit the crew members and take some life from them.
  • If a player reaches 0, he will die.
  • Sarvente will be able to hit the crew members and take some life from them.
  • Crew members can activate the Funk Cannon ability to kill Sarvente, but they will have to finish all the tasks before they can access it.

What abilities does Sarvente have in Among Us?

The role of Sarvente Impostor in Among Us will start with 3 basic skills with which to pursue your goals in the game:

  • Gospel: A lectern that will strike at close range at players.
  • Worship: projectiles that Sarvente will be able to throw to hit the crew members.
  • Heaven Light: ability that will allow him to put the crew members to sleep for a while.

If the impostor goes to the soda machine, he will be able to acquire a special soda that will grant him two new special abilities:

  • Parish: It will transport a player to a special room in which he will have to dodge the different fire columns if he doesn’t want to lose life.
  • Repent: The screen will be filled with random projectiles that the crew members must dodge to save their lives.

When Sarvente has hit enough players, he will fill his energy bar, allowing him to unleash his ultimate version, which will feature a special ability, adding to all the others:

  • Illusion: will create multiple copies of Sarvente, disorienting the other players, who will not be able to know for sure which one is the real one.

Download Sarvente MOD in Among Us (new Impostor Role)

If you’re one of me, you’re probably looking forward to downloading Sarvente MOD for Among Us. The problem (which happens with many, many interesting MODs) is that this MOD is private, and has not been released for public download. It’s a pity, as many of us would love to be able to play it on our PC with our friends.

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You cannot download this MOD for now, as it has not been released

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