Download SONIC.EXE MOD – Among Us (New Role)

Sonic.exe adds a new role to the impostor based on Sonic, the famous blue hedgehog also includes new abilities for all the impostor that you can unlock by getting rings. At the top of the screen there is a bar with 7 diamonds of different colors, when the score reaches one of the diamonds new skills are unlocked. The impostor in addition to having the appearance of Sonic will have exclusive abilities that will allow him to infiltrate among the players.


What does SONIC.EXE include in Among Us?

The impostor will play the role of Sonic.exe plus he will have a number of new abilities which are:

  • GOTTA GO FAST! Ability to run very fast plus subtract rings from knocked down players.
  • SPIN DASH. Option to jump over another player to subtract rings from him.
  • TAIL’S PLANE. This ability allows you to send another player to play the mini-game.
  • SPRING TRAP. Option to set a trap that will send the player to the space to be shot which will subtract rings.
  • YOU’RE TOO SLOW! Allows the possibility of slowing down the speed of other players.
  • KNUCKLES. Option to hit another player with Knuckles, the red hedgehog.
  • SPECIAL STAGE.Includes the ability to send another player to play a mini-game based on the original game.
  • SONIC MANIA. Create a multitude of floating Sonics that will subtract rings from the players they reach.
  • SEGA. Possibility to cause a rain of letters of the Sega logo that will subtract rings to the reached players.
  • LIVE AND LEARN! Allows you to quickly traverse the map and subtract rings from all players.

Download Sonic.exe

Includes a new minigame based on the airplane games. The first one is activated with the TAIL’S PLANE skill. This skill captures another player and flies him into the sky where he will have to dodge Tail’s shots. If he manages to hold on long enough he can save himself, if he fails to do so he will be knocked down in the game and eliminated from the game. The other mini-game is activated with the SPECIAL STAGE skill. This game sends the player into a race, similar to the Sonic games, where he will have to avoid obstacles and try to catch the rings. If you are hit by an obstacle you will be eliminated from the game.  It also includes 4 new roles for the impostor that will be unlocked as you get rings. Each Skin includes improvements such as increased speed or the ability to float.

Download SONIC.EXE for Among Us

This is a MOD for Among Us that is not available for free download. We recommend visiting other Free MODs where you can find the best MODS for Among Us as well as Packs.