Sunday in Among US (FNF) *NEW* Impostor Role – Download

With the Sunday MOD for Among Us you will be able to enjoy a new impostor role that will feature the famous Sunday of FNF in Among Us. This new impostor role will feature a series of special abilities, which you will have to use to win the game in this new Special Game Mode, which all players are part of.

Sunday in Among Us

All skills and details contained in this MOD are directly related to Sunday’s character and lore. If you’ve played the MOD in FNF, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. For example, Marxism and Punk are two of his skills.

How does the role of Sunday Impostor work for Among Us?

To understand the new game mode included in this MOD you have to take into account the following facts:

  • All players have 100 health points at the start of the game
  • Sunday must lower the life of the crew members to 0 to kill them.
  • To lower the health of his opponents, Sunday will be able to use different musical abilities to hit the crew members with.
  • Sunday will be able to use different musical abilities to hit the crew members.
  • In the beginning Sunday will have only 3 skills, but he will be able to unlock more as he levels up in the Rock bar (there are 3 levels available). He will be able to level up by hitting his enemies with the basic “Screamo” ability.

What abilities does Sunday have in Among Us?

Sunday abilities in Among Us

At the beginning, and with the Rock bar at minimum, Sunday will have access to 3 abilities with which he will have to hit his enemies, in order to increase the Rock bar to the next level. These are the 3 initial skills:

  • Screamo: It will launch “sonorous projectiles” in the form of Sunday’s scream, which will lower 1 point of life every time it hits a player (it is not very difficult to dodge)
  • Sing: Sunday will create an aura around him that will put anyone he touches to sleep for a few seconds. In this way, Sunday will be able to impact the sleeping player with the ability “Screamo.”
  • Sing: Sunday will create an aura around him that will put everyone he touches to sleep for a few seconds.
  • Marxism: It will automatically calculate an average of the life/points of all crew members, and will apply that average to all players, equalizing their life counters. This is a useful tool to kill the points of the more skilled players, who are harder to hit with skills.

When Sunday manages to increase to Rock level 2, 2 new skills will be unlocked. While if he manages to reach level 3, a third special ability will be unlocked. These are the 3 skills that can be unlocked:

  • Punk: It will launch a shockwave, with projectiles similar to those of the Screamo skill, but much harder to dodge if used in the right way.
  • Cig: will block the map of all players, preventing them from moving away for the duration of the effect.
  • Rock Out: will activate random projectiles all over the map in the shape of FNF notes (carol version).

Crew members must complete tasks in order to use the “Call Carol” ability, which will win them the game.

Download Sunday MOD in Among Us (new Impostor Role)

Many users are interested in downloading Sunday in Among Us, a MOD that offers some really interesting new features. Unfortunately, it is a private MOD, which the developers don’t want to release for free to users.

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You cannot download this MOD for now, as it has not been released

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Watch Sunday Imposter Role in Among Us

If you belong to the mortals, like me, and can’t access this kind of private MODs, you might at least be interested in seeing the MOD in action, which can be done in the following video: