Cheats and Hacks for Among Us (PC y Android) – Download and install

Among Us currently has a large number of hacks of all kinds, from versions of the game with everything unlocked, to versions where you are always the impostor, through others in which we have a MOD Menu where you can activate cheats such as Wallhack, know who is always the impostor, and many others.

Among us hacks

What is a Among Us Hack for

As we have commented, there are different types of hacks for Among Us, all of them with different cheats, which allow us, for example, to increase our speed in the game or to be able to go through walls. Some of the best known Hacks for Among Us are:

  • Speed hack for Among Us
  • WallHack for Among Us
  • Hack to always be an impostor in Among Us
  • Among Us God Mode (you can kill as much as you want without having to wait for cooldown)
  • WallHack for Among Us

How to download Hacks for Among Us on PC and Android

The most recommended thing to do if you want to try as many hacks as possible without having to constantly be installing new files is to install a MOD MENU for Among Us. This MOD MENU will contain many hacks and cheats in one, being able to enable and disable each one individually from our control panel.

hacks for among us

PS: At we do not promote the use of hacks or cheats for Among Us, we only recommend their use for research purposes, and never to take advantage of other players in public games. In addition, the hacks that we are going to provide you not only serve to cheat in Among Us, but also to create special lobbies with your friends in which you can customize many more details than in a normal version of Among Us.

What are the best hacks and cheats for Among Us?

It must be said that the internet is full of different versions of hacks and cheats for Among Us. Almost all of them end up serving more or less the same functions, but there are some that stand out for being more complete or updated more often. In this case, we have selected what in our opinion is the best Among Us MOD MENU for PC and Android. They are not developed by the same person, but they serve exactly the same purpose.

HACK MOD MENU for AMONG US PC – Windows 10, 8 and 7

The MOD MENU for Among Us best known for PC is HACKERMODE, a pack of hacks and cheats really spectacular, that will impress you for how complete it is. Among the main features of this hack mod menu for PC we can find the following:

  • Map in which we can see where each player is.
  • Activate WallHack.
  • To be able to use the hatches as a crew member.
  • To be able to use the hatches as a crew member.
  • Always know who the impostor is.
  • To see ghosts or dead people.

And these are just some of the features it comes with. You can find more information on how to install and use these hacks for Among Us at the download link.

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The HACK MOD MENU for Among Us for Android is not as spectacular as the one for PC, but it still contains a lot of very interesting hacks. Although not developed by the same person as HACKERMODE, it has very similar functions, which can be enabled and disabled from an in-game menu (even while we’re in the middle of the course of a game).

Downloading Among Us hacks for Android is simple, as is installing them, as they only require you to download and install an APK file that will replace the original Among Us app. You can learn more about MOD MENU APK by following the download link.

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Link – Download Among Us MOD APK (Cosmetics)

Link – Download Always Impostor APK (Mods Menu)