Among Us Hats 🎩 – Complete List of Hat Skins for Characters

The Hats of Among us are the decorative elements that allow us to give a personal touch to our character, along with the color we choose, distinguishing us from the rest of the players. Some people decide to use the hats strategically, using the ones that stand out the least if it is their turn to be an impostor. Others, however, prefer to go divine regardless of the fact that this may harm them in the game.

Over time more and morehats and decorations have come out for Among us, even special hats for events or seasons such as Spooky Season, Christmas, and some more. These These hats exclusive to Among us will be available only for a while, but if we use them during that season, they will be kept forever. Below you will find a table with all Among us hats, both base hats and exclusive hats for each season.

All Among us hats

Image Hat Name ID
Astronaut helmet 1
Backwards cap 2
Brain Slug 3
Bush hat 4
Captain hat 5
Double top hat 6
Flowerpot hat 7
Goggles 8
Hard hat 9
Military hat 10
Paper hat 11
Party hat 12
police hay among us Police hat 13
stethoscope hat among us Stethoscope 14
top hat among us Top hat 15
towel wizard among us hat Towel wizard 16
ushanka among us hat Ushanka 17
viking among us hat Viking 18
wall guard among us cap Wall guard cap 19
snowman among us hat Snowman hat 20
antlers among us hat Antlers 21
christmas lights among us hat Christmas lights hat 22
santa among us hat Santa hat 23
christmas tree among us hat Christmas tree hat 24
present among us hat Present hat 25
candy canes among us hat Candy canes hat 26
elf among us hat Elf hat 27
2019 yellow party among ushat 2019 yellow party hat 28
white among us hat White hat 29
among us crown Crown 30
among us eyebrows Eyebrows 31
angel halo among us Angel halo 32
elf among us cap Elf cap 33
among us flat cap Flat cap 34
plunger among us hat Plunger 35
anorkel among us hat Snorkel 36
henry figure among us Henry figure 37
safari among us hat Safari hat 38
sheriff among us hat Sheriff hat 39
among us eyeball lamp Eyeball lamp 40
toilet paper among us hat Toilet paper hat 41
toppat clan leader among us hat Toppat Clan leader hat 42
black fedora among us Black fedora 43
among us ski goggles Ski goggles 44
among us MIRA landing headset MIRA landing headset 45
among us MIRA hazmat mask MIRA hazmat mask 46
among us medical mask Medical mask 47
among us MIRA security cap MIRA security cap 48
among us straw hat Straw hat 49
banana among us hat Banana hat 50
beanie among us hat Beanie 51
among us bear ears Bear ears 52
cheese hat among us Cheese hat 53
cherry among us hat Cherry hat 54
egg among us hat Egg hat 55
green fedora among us Green fedora 56
flamingo among us hat Flamingo hat 57
Hat Flor Flower hat 58
knight helmet among us hat Knight helmet 59
plant among us hat Plant hat 60
cat head among us hat Cat head hat 61
bath wings among us hat Bat wings 62
Devil horns among us hat Devil horns 63
mohaw among us hat Mohawk 64
pumpkin among us hat Pumpkin hat 65
spooky paper bag among us hat Spooky paper bag hat 66
witch among us hat Witch hat 67
wolf ears among us hat Wolf ears 68
pirate among us hat Pirate hat 69
plague doctor among us hat Plague doctor mask 70
knife among us hat Knife hat 71
hockey mask among us hat Hockey mask 72
miner among us hat Miner gear hat 73
winter among us hat Winter gear hat 74
archeologist among us hat Archaeologist hat 75
antenna among us hat Antenna 76
balloon among us hat Balloon 77
bird nest among us hat Bird nest 78
black bandana among us hat Black bandana 79
caution sing among us hat Caution sign hat 80
chef among us hat Chef hat 81
CCC among us cap CCC cap 82
do rag among us Do-rag 83
dum among us hat Dum sticky note 84
fez among us Fez 85
general among us hat General hat 86
pompadour among us hat Pompadour 87
hunter among us hat Hunter hat 88
military among us helmet Military helmet 89
crewmate hat Crewmate hat 90
mysterius vagabond mask Mysterious vagabond mask 91
horns among us hat Ram horns 92
snow crewmate among us decoration Snow Crewmate 93
Geoff Keighley mask among us Geoff Keighley mask 94
dave panpa among us cap Dave Panpa cap 95
Ellie Rosie among us hair Ellie Rose hair 96
Sven Svenson among us hat Sven Svensson hat 97
Burt Curtis among us hat Burt Curtis hat 98
Ellry Mohawk among us deco Ellry mohawk 99
Thomas Chestershire among us Thomas Chestershire monocles 100
wizard among us hat Wizard hat 101
Frederick Muenster among us hat Fredrick Muenster hat 102
Mr Macbeth among us hat Mr. Macbeth hat 103
Toppat Henry Stickmin among us hat Toppat Henry Stickmin hat 104
topat ellie Rose hat among us Toppat Ellie Rose hat 105
Geoffrey Plumb among us decoration Geoffrey Plumb hat 106
Right Hand man among us Right Hand Man hat and mustache 107
angry eyebrows among us Angry eyebrows 108
poo among us hat Chocolate ice cream 109
heart among us hat Heart pin 110
pony tail among us decoration Ponytail 111
glove among us hat Rubber glove 112
unicorn among us hat Unicorn hat 113
zipper among us hat Zipper hat 114
purple traffic cone among us hat Purple traffic cone 115
Abominal Head among us Abominal Head 116
arrow hat among us Arrow 117
caitlyns among us cap Caitlyns Cap (Arcane) 118
candycorny hat Candycorny 119
chomper hat Chomper (Arcane) 120
clown town among us Clown Town 121
crane operator hat Crane Operator 122
digging helmet among us Digging Helmet 123
drill among us Drill 124
enforcer helmet among us Enforcer Helmet (Arcane) 125
eruptive among us Eruptive 126
fairy flutters among us Fairy Flutters 127
fish head among us Fish Hed 128
frankens spouse among us Frankens Spouse 129
frankenbolts among us Frankenbolts 130
greatest headset airship among us Greatest Headset Airship 131
haunted hotel hat among us Haunted Hotel Hat 132
head in the clouds among us hat Head in the Clouds 133
header among us hat Header 134
heimerdingers among us hair Heimerdingers Hair (Arcane) 135
hole in one among us Hole in One 136
ice cap among us Ice Cap 137
important documents among us Important Documents 138
jaycess hair among us Jayces Hair (Arcane) 139
jinxs among us hair Jinxs Hair (Arcane) 140
militant desert among us Militant desert 141
muffs for the ears among us Muffs for the Ears 142
mummy mood among us hat Mummy Mood 143
one in the hand among us hat One in the Hand 144
peach drink among us hat Peach Drink 145
plagued among us hat Plagued hat 146
prototype helmet among us hat Prototype Helmet 147
ratchet ears among us hat Ratchet ears 148
records recorder among us hat Records Recorder 149
rip in pieces among us hat RIP in Pieces 150
Rupèrt Among Us hat Rupert 151
shrine to the deities among us hat Shrine to the Deities 152
spiked among us hat Spiked 153
splitting headache among us Splitting Headache 154
strike among us decoration Strike 155
surveillance joe among us hat Surveillance Joe 156
thomas top among us hat Thomas Top 157
tightened security among us hat Tightened Security 158
tiny jim among us hat Tiny Jim 159
unique specimin among us hat Unique Specimin 160
up all night raving among us Up All Night Raving 161
vi arcane hair among us Vi’s Hair (Arcane) 162
vine just vine among us Vine just Vine 163
visor among us hat Visor Hat 164
winter arrives among us hat Winter Arrives 165
youre boned among us hat Youre Boned 166
youre out among us hat Youre Out 167

among us hats

Curiosities about Among us hats

Did you know that there are some Among us hats that are no longer available? There are three types of hats that are no longer available. The first type are hats that include the word MIRA in their name, as these are exclusive to the Switch, whose store has been taken down. The second type of unavailable hats are the unused ones, these are the orange construction site cone and the cauldron. Finally, there are some hats that for certain reasons (usually bugs) have been removed from the game. The removed hats are the light bulb hat, the crab head hat, and the beer drinking cap.