Tips and tricks to be a good Imposter in Among Us🔪ඞ ඞ💬

While it is true that we all love to be a great crew member and discover with our team who are the bad guys of the game, the dream of every great Among Us player is to become a good Impostor, whether we enjoy being a little hooligan as if we do not like too much to be the bad guy in the movie, because in both cases having the ability to persuade and set the pace of the game is an invaluable advantage.

trucos para ser impostor en among us

Below you will find numerous tricks to be a good Impostor , which will help you to successfully complete your mission to get away with murdering most of your companions. As we have said, this will be useful both for those who want to be the masters of deception and for those who lose their nerves in those games in which it is their turn to be an Impostor and do not manage to overcome even the first minutes of the game.

Tips to be the best Impostor in Among Us games

Study the map and tasks 

Before starting, one of the easiest things we can do and that will help us a lot in each of our games is to watch videos or photographs in which we observe the different points of the map, as well as the list of tasks that are in each of the maps. Fake the tasks as if you were one of the crew and remember that these tasks change in each game, so you should always try to pay attention to the comments and actions of your teammates and collect information.

Getting into the mind of a crew member

Doing an introspection exercise and thinking about all the times we have been crewmate, asking ourselves questions such as what behaviors have seemed suspicious, how we have acted in the game, etc, can be of great help and make a difference in our gameplay. A great trick to be a better Impostor is to study our own behavior as crewmembers and that of our teammates.

Play together with a teammate and gain their trust

Whenever you can, team up with one of your innocent companions and make them consider you as one of their allies. By gaining the trust of someone no one suspects, you can get that person to defend you in case your credibility is at stake in a game.

Assassinate the best player when you have the chance

This may be a bit of a dirty move, but it will certainly get you out of trouble on more than one occasion. In every game there is a player who is more astute than the rest, who thinks outside the box and collects clues to then convince the other players with the best arguments. If you already know before you start that a player will end up causing you problems, don’t hesitate and go after him as soon as possible.

Use lights and sabotage

These two tools are real treasures for a good Impostor. Taking advantage of the moments when there are many players together to turn off the lights and create confusion can end up in a great game. However, don’t be too clever because it can play a dirty trick on you. On the other hand, sabotage is an art that not everyone knows how to do well and that can give you a great advantage in the game. Look for the best moment to sabotage and try to make good use of the players’ disposition on the map.

Be confident and remember well what you have said before

Don’t make the mistake of giving information when you are accused, because lying in an unintentional way will make you nervous and forget what you have said. This would be one of the biggest mistakes in a game like Impostor, so always try to keep calm and keep telling light lies with a medium level of detail and make sure you remember them.

Take advantage of the benefits of ventilation ducts

Ventilation ducts are one of the best tools for Impostors, as they can save you from great traps throughout a game. A good way to take advantage of them is to learn where they are located on each map and create mental routes in which you kill and use them to successfully escape.

Turn your teammates’ mistakes to your advantage

If you realize that one of your teammates seems to not know how to defend himself very well and that others suspect him even if he is innocent, use small facts in your favor and plant the seed of doubt in the minds of others. But be careful, never accuse him directly because you can draw all the attention to yourself.

Watch the cameras

Remember to watch the cameras whenever you can to make sure they are not on. Use this information to your advantage and perform fake tasks that you have already seen your teammates complete in the game while they are on and then comment on the gameplay in the meeting. If on the other hand they are off, take the opportunity to commit an assassination.

Make good use of the doors

If you already control the map the doors can be a great ally for the Impostors. Close the doors before committing a compromising action and avoid having witnesses.

Look for the best places to assassinate avoiding crowded areas

It can be very tempting to eliminate a colleague in central or crowded places such as the cafeteria. Try to avoid this type of behavior at all costs, because even if it seems empty at first glance, a witness can appear at any time and ruin your chances.

Choose the perfect moment to take action

This advice may seem obvious, but in this game timing is very important. Knowing your teammates can be of great help and be one of the factors that make the difference when making decisions, because knowing in advance if your teammates will suspect you of certain actions can help you a lot when choosing the perfect time to perform each of them. When it’s your turn to be a crewmate, look at how your colleagues react to certain behaviors, for example, how they react when someone reports a body, do they take for granted that the person is trustworthy or on the contrary, do they label them as an imposter?


If you have been motivated by these tips and you have decided that you want to be an impostor in all Among Us games, we leave you a little tip to try to be an impostor as many times as possible. This way you will be able to put into practice everything you have learned and increase the fun to the maximum.

Is there any trick to be an Impostor in all Among Us games?

On the net you will find numerous articles that promise you to always be an Impostor in Among Us, however, besides not being possible it would take the fun out of the game. The choice of roles is a completely random process in each game of Among Us. The only trick that will increase our chances of being an Impostor is to increase to the maximum the number of Impostors in each game. If you find tricks that are based on modifying the folders or files of the game you must know that they are simple hoaxes and that they do not work, if you happen to be an Impostor after carrying out any of these tricks it is pure coincidence.

As for the trick of putting 3 Impostors in the game, keep in mind that this can make the game not so good, as a general rule we recommend to put a smaller number of Impostors, maybe you get less times but the times that you get to be it will give rise to epic games.