Download 100 player mod for Among Us + how to install on PC (Windows)

If you are looking for new ways to play Among Us with your friends, the 100 player mod is probably one of the best options you can download and install on your PC. With this fantastic Mod you will be able to host and join 100 player games in Among Us, which turns the game into an absolute chaos completely different from the original.

How to play with 100 people in Among Us

As you will understand, increasing the player limit to 100 is not the only thing this mod mod modifies, as the game would be chaos if normal rules were followed. For example, the emergency meeting button is disabled, as otherwise you would not be able to play the game, there would always be a joker hitting the button.

It is recommended that you set the impostors to 20 if you want to follow the ratio that is followed in a normal game, although it is best to check and calibrate with your friends as you play games.

How to download and install 100 player mod for Among Us

It is a completely free mod, which you can download from the link below. The installation is identical to that of any other mod. If it is the first time you install a Among Us mod, you can find out how to do it step by step in our mods section.

Link – Download