Download A quiet Place MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

A quiet Place adds a new game mode based on the movie with the same name where players must avoid a series of obstacles that make noise or take advantage of them to attract the attention of the monster, it all depends on the strategy used. The impostor is a monster with an ultra-developed ear that will try to hunt the other players, for this it will have four new skills.

A Quiet Place

What does A Quiet Place include in Among Us?

Players will have to avoid colliding with noisy objects in order to escape from the monster chasing them. The imposter plays the role of a monster in addition to having four new abilities which are:

  • SWIPE. This ability is used to eliminate an enemy that is in front of the character.
  • CONCEAL. This skill allows you to become invisible for 5 seconds.
  • ECHO LOCATES. Option to detect other players by a shout that will signal nearby players with colored arrows.
  • CHARGE. This ability serves to increase speed but only allows you to move the character in a straight line.

Download A Quiet Place

Players will have two new abilities that will help you escape from the dreaded monster:

  • DISTRACT. This ability allows you to make noise with a broken bottle to attract the monster’s attention.
  • HOLD BREATH. Option to hold your breath and remain invisible to the monster while hitting a mini-game. The mini-game consists of typing different letters.

A Quiet Place

Download A Quiet Place for Among Us

Unfortunately this is a private MOD that is not available for public download. However we recommend you to check Free MODs where you can also download MODS Packs for Among Us.