Download AGENT MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Agent MOD for Among Us gives us the possibility to enjoy a new role in the game, which will have a special ability and will be assigned to one of the crew members of the game (it can be configured to have more than one Agent in the game).

Agent Role MOD

What does AGENT MOD add in Among Us?

The ability of the new Agent Role will consist of being able to access all the information on the map from anywhere, without having to be for example in the Admin Table to access your data. The Agent can access the Admin Table Map, security cameras, player vitals and door locks.

Overall, it is a very powerful role that confers on a player an immense amount of information, which he could use to lead his team to victory. However, and as with many other roles of this style, the other crew members have no way of knowing that the Agent is who he claims to be, so they may not believe his information in the first instance. The Agent must be careful not to get too distracted by the information, as he must perform the tasks just like anyone else.

Download AGENT MOD for Among Us

This new MOD is included within Town Of Impostors, one of the best Among Us MOD Packs, which is also compatible with the latest 15-player update.