Download Among Us PINK Logo MOD APK (Android) & PC (Windows)

If you are looking for Aesthetic MODs for Among Us, the MOD PINK is one of the most complete in this sense. With Among PINK you will be able to aesthetically change the game and, as its name suggests, many elements of the characters and the map will be converted to pink tones. This MOD was developed in honor of BlackPink, a female K-pop musical group.

among pink

Don’t think it’s any kind of tacky, as the design of this MOD is very neat and knows how to use color palettes around pink in a very remarkable way. This PINK MOD is so well done that the map, despite not getting new features, looks especially nice. Obviously, you have to like pink to want to use this MOD, but it should be noted that it is nothing exaggerated, and uses colors in a very successful way.

What’s Among PINK

As we have already mentioned, it is only an aesthetic MOD, so you will not be able to find new Among Us roles in the games (for this you would have to download the MOD Extra Roles). That if, while other aesthetic MODs of the game only change the characters, Among PINK MOD edits different rooms of the main map, changing the elements to give them new shades around the pink.

In short, Among PINK is one of the best aesthetic MODs out there today, matched only by Among Us RTX, which graphically is even better.

Download Among PINK for PC and Android

This MOD is available both in APK format, to install directly on Android, and in .assets format, to install it on our PC inside the game files folder. The installation is identical to that of any other MOD of those you can find on our website (if you do not know how to do it, go to our main section of MODs, where we have all the information available.

Download Among Pink APK – Download

Download Among Pink PC – Download