Download ARSONIST MOD – Among Us (NEW ROLE)

Arsonist MOD is one of the most spectacular MODs of Among Us, since it adds a new role whose objective is to burn alive all the other players to achieve victory. Downloading and installing this MOD will give you access to a new exclusive role that cannot be accessed in the original game.

What does the ARSONIST MOD add to Among Us?

The new role of Arsonist will be neutral, meaning that he only wins the game if he fulfills his objective. If the imposters or crewmates win, the Arsonist will lose. The Arsonist’s objective is to burn all his opponents at once by dousing them with gasoline and then setting them on fire. He will only win if before setting the fire he has doused all the other players in the game with gasoline.

Arsonist MOD Among Us

The Arsonist has an ability to spray gasoline and another one to set fire to everything, including himself, and check if he has accomplished his goal (spraying each and every player). It is a very interesting new role that can create very funny moments in the games, so it is highly recommended to try it.

Download ARSONIST MOD MOD for Among Us

This new role is included among the roles of MOD Town Of Us, so it is best to download and install this MOD Pack, as it will allow you to access many more options in a single installation.

Download ARSONIST MOD MOD – Link