Download Crypto MOD- Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

Crypto is a new MOD for Among Us that adds a new Game Mode where we can travel to the moon and bet our money. The main novelty of this MOD is that all players can generate money by digging in addition to buying skills through the Store.

Crypto MOD

What does Crypto include in Among Us?

All players will have wallet plus two common abilities which are:.

  • Hug. Allows you to dig for coins.
  • Store. All players will be able to use their Smartphone to purchase a range of skills in exchange for money. Players will be able to buy the following skills:
    • Bitcoin Roll. This ability increases the player’s speed as the character will move on a giant coin.
    • To the Moon. Transports the player to the map location he selects.
    • Crypto Bet. Option to be able to bet your money.
    • Asset Freeze. Possibility of being able to freeze another player for a period of time.
    • Option of being able to freeze another player for a period of time.
    • Hodl. You hug another player and take coins from them.
    • Kill. Allows you to kill another player.
    • Revive. Allows you to revive an eliminated player
    • Steal Crypto. Allows you to steal money from another player

Crypto MOD

The impostor will be able to use many of the skills listed in the Store but will not have to pay to use them. The imposter has the following abilities:

  • Revive. Ability to revive another player.
  • Hodl. You hug another player to remove coins.
  • Steal Crypto. Allows you to steal coins from another player.
  • Kill. Eliminates another player.
  • To The Moon. This option allows you to transport a player to another location on the map.
  • Crypto Bet. Allows you to play a mini-game where you compete with a player but if you win you will double your money and the other player will lose it all.
  • Asset Freeze. Ability that allows you to freeze a player for a few seconds.

Download Crypto MOD

It includes a new minigame in which appears a space rocket that is about to explode, there is also a Cash Out button. The game consists of hitting the button before it explodes. If you don’t hit it before it explodes you lose everything.

Download Crypto for Among Us

You cannot download Crypto for Among Us because it is a private MOD. But you can check other Free MODs on our website where in addition to single MODS you will find MODS Packs.