Submerged Custom Map Among Us – Download (Windows & Android)

Submerged Custom Map is a new custom map for Among Us that has generated a great impact on the gaming community. It is a new MOD containing a map for the game, developed by 5up. In addition to the different rooms, the environment immersed in the ocean, as well as the background we will also find new missions to perform while playing.

Submerged MAP

As we said in this map the main feature is that it will place all players in a submerged station where the classic fight between crew members and imposters will take place. The trailer originally saw the light at the end of June 2021, posted by 5up, and due to its great reception the members of Polus GG decided later to include it directly in their MODs package. Currently, the only way to play this wonderful map is directly downloading Polus GG.

As is logical, many people have recently asked about the Android adaptation of this complete mod pack. Specifically, from the official website of Polus GG we find the link to download it directly from Steam. As the only requirement we will need to have downloaded the original game.

How to download Submerged Map for Windows & Android

Downloading the official version of Submerged Map is no longer possible, since its development was cancelled. However, and thanks to other developers who have taken over, today you can enjoy this map in several popular MOD Packs.

Download Submerged Map for Among Us

At this moment the Submerged map is available in both Town Of Us R and The Other Roles. In both MODPacks you can select the option to include this map in the installation and enjoy it within the game. They can be installed manually, but the most recommended and easiest way to acquire these MODs is using Among Us MOD Manager.

Submerged MAP Trailer

Finally, we leave you this video trailer shared by the original developer of the custom map, 5up, and that generated so much expectation. In this short but exciting video you can enjoy the main features of the map.