The Haunted Mansion Custom Map (Among Us) – Download

The Haunted Mansion is a new unofficial map for Among Us that allows us to enjoy a completely new environment, with redesigns for all the rooms in the game, including the textures of certain tasks. It is one of the few unofficial maps of the game that is worth playing today, as usually unofficial maps are not as high quality as The Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion Custom Map

What’s included in The Haunted Mansion MAP for Among Us

The map is more influential on gameplay than it seems. In fact, just by comparing the official maps of the game you already realize how much it can influence. In this case, The Haunted Mansion not only affects the appearance of the game, but also affects the gameplay itself. By placing the rooms in different order and having completely different paths and rooms than other maps, The Haunted Mansion offers new possibilities to players.

It is a fairly large map that stands out above all for the quality of each area of it, which has been redesigned detail by detail to offer a completely new experience. Although maps like this one are not very popular, the truth is that they offer very different games to the normal ones thanks to all the differences included.

Download The Haunted Mansion MAP for Among Us

Link – Download

How to install The Haunted Mansion Map in Among Us

To install this MOD you will need to keep several things in mind:

  • All players in the game must have the map installed to be able to access the lobby of the new map.
  • This MOD only works with versions v2021.4.12s and v2021.4.14s.
  • You will need to copy and paste the map files into the root folder of the game files.