Download DECEIVER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Deceiver MOD for Among Us adds a new role for the game’s imposters, which will be assigned to one of them, and will confer him a special ability that will allow him to deceive the crew members and distract them in different ways.

Deceiver Role MOD

What does DECEIVER MOD add in Among Us?

The Deceiver role will have the special ability to be able to create a copy of himself, a decoy, which you can later use to swap positions with him if you activate his second ability. It is one of the most fun tier 1 imposter roles out there, as its mobility and ability to deceive players is quite high.

This new role is tricky to use, as it is not easy to fool the other crew members by using a copy. If you are going to fool them with the copy, you will have to manage to kill them before they can warn the others in an emergency meeting, for example.

Download DECEIVER MOD for Among Us

This new impostor role is available along with many other roles of all kinds within the Pack Town Of Impostors, in which you will be able to enjoy 15-player games full of different roles that will give you many new possibilities.