Download DISEASED MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Modifier)

Diseased MOD for Among US is a new unofficial modification of the game that will allow you to add a new “modifier” within the games, which will be randomly assigned to any crewmate in the game. Downloading and installing Diseased MOD will allow you to enjoy new ways of playing Among Us.

What does the DISEASED MOD add to Among Us?

The new modifier, Diseased, will cause the user who acquires it to triple the skill cooldown of the person who kills him. With this modifier enabled (it can be customized in the options menu) we will be able to make impostors think twice before killing certain users, as they might receive too large a time penalty.

Diseased MOD Among Us

The Diseased modifier can be applied to any crewmate role, regardless of what it is, as it does not add any special objectives to the player who has it.

Download DISEASED MOD for Among Us

To enjoy this new modifier, the ideal is install Town Of Us, as it includes this modifier and many other roles that can be combined in the same game. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable option.

Download Diseaded MODLink