Download DOCTOR MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Doctor MOD for Among Us allows us to enjoy a new in-game role, which will be randomly assigned to one or more crew members in the game. It is a role that can be combined with many others to create really interesting lobbies, and it is compatible with Among Us version 2021.6.15.

Doctor Role MOD

What does DOCTOR MOD add in Among Us?

The new Doctor role will feature the special ability to revive players who are already dead. It is a role that features many configurable options, including:

  • Med Bay: you can activate the option that bodies can only be revived if they are taken to the Med Bay.
  • Cooldown and the time it takes for the Doctor to revive players can be tweaked.
  • You can enable the option for players to revive without special abilities.

It should be noted that in games with many roles, the Doctor role gains a lot of importance and his experience has a lot of influence on the game. This is because the Doctor could revive an impostor by mistake, not knowing that he was really the impostor, since he could have been killed by the sheriff of the game.

Download DOCTOR MOD for Among Us

This fun new role is available in Town Of Impostors, a MOD in which you can combine many other roles in a single game, and which now allows to be played in lobbies of 15 players.