Download DRAGGER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Dragger MOD for Among Us allows us to include in the game a new role that will be assigned to one of the impostors, which will have the special ability to move corpses and drop them wherever he wants.

Dragger Role MOD

What does DRAGGER MOD add in Among Us?

The Dragger role for impostors is part of the Town Of Impostors tier 1 impostor roles, which all have a special ability. In this case, the Dragger’s ability allows him to move bodies at will to hide them or prevent certain players from seeing them.

It seems a bit of a boring ability, as it’s a bit overdone, but combined with a couple of other special impostors in a 15-player lobbie, the Dragger can wreak havoc on the crew. Mind you, you’ll have to be careful not to be seen with a body or it will automatically reveal its nature.

Download DRAGGER MOD for Among Us

This imposter role for Among Us is available within Town Of Impostors, one of the MODs we recommend most on our website, as it allows you to combine different roles in a single game, and is also compatible with the latest Among Us update.