Download Drake MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Drake adds a new role to the game that allows the impostor to play with the appearance of the most famous Canadian rapper of the music scene. In this new MOD for Among Us players will be able to dance or set a trap based on Drake’s famous meme.

Download Drake

What does Drake include in Among Us ?
The impostor in addition to wearing the appearance of the famous rapper will also have new abilities that will help him take down the rest of the players. These new abilities are as follows:

  • DROP. This ability puts helmets on a previously selected player that will make him burst and he will be eliminated.
  • AIR DRAKE. Option to fly over the map with a luxury jet.
  • NO YES. The selected player will have a 50% chance of surviving this meme.
  • SPEAKER. This ability allows you to eliminate a previously selected player by throwing a loudspeaker at them which will crush them. Elimination by loudspeaker.
  • HOTLINE. Forces all players to dance to the famous HotLine Bling song.
  • TRANSFORM.This ability allows you to switch between Drake’s role and that of his Plane.

Download Drake

This MOD for Among Us pays homage to Drake, one of the most popular rappers on the music scene. It offers a new role for the impostor very similar to the original rapper in addition to new skills that reference Drake’s world as the famous meme of approval and disapproval (reference in the YES NO skill) or the option to become a private jet. There are also references in the map as a Disco-style dance floor, with colored tiles on the floor, and a Dj table.

Download Drake for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not available publicly. However, you can check other Free MODs on our website, where you will also find MODS Packs for Among Us.