Download Drunk MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Modifier)

Drunk MOD is a new modification for Among Us that allows us to incorporate a new modifier to the game, “Drunk”, which can be applied to any player randomly. Downloading and installing this MOD will not give you access to a new role, as the modifiers do not add any objective to the game, and can be applied on any other role regardless of what it is.

What does Drunk MOD add in Among Us?

The new Drunk MOD modifier will apply a new effect to the player who acquires it: their controls will be reversed. This, although it may seem silly, can play a very bad trick when facing a complicated situation in which we have to run away.

Drunk MOD Among US

Although not as important in the game as a new role, this modifier is quite fun, especially when players are not used to its effect. The percentage of occurrence of this modifier can be configured from the MOD options.

Download Drunk MOD for Among Us

This modifier comes included within the Town Of Us MODs Pack, which combines different roles and modifiers in a single installation, making it the most comfortable option when playing with friends (so you don’t have to be constantly changing MODs).

Download Drunk MOD – Link