Download ERASER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Eraser MOD for Among Us includes a new role that will be randomly applied to one of the impostors, who will have the special ability to erase the role of other players in the game. This MOD does not make sense individually, but it is included in a pack that includes many other roles to combine with the Eraser role.

Eraser Role MOD

What does ERASER MOD add in Among Us?

The Eraser will be able to apply his special ability to any player except the imposters and the spy. The role of the chosen person will be deleted after the next meeting. Every time the eraser uses his ability, his cooldown will increase by 10 seconds.

It is worth noting that this is one of the strongest roles out there, as it is capable of leaving an entire room of different roles as normal crerwmates with the necessary time. He is an imposter capable of getting rid of the roles or characters that can give him the most trouble in the game.

Download ERASER MOD for Among Us

The Eraser role is available in The Other Roles, a MOD Pack that you can download from our website. Remember that it is much more interesting if you combine it with other MOD roles, as it gives rise to many more combinations.