Download Evil Admin MOD – Among Us (New Role)

Evil Admin adds a new role to the impostor based on a manager whose objective will be to eliminate the rest of the players without being discovered. Players will have to complete a series of tasks to win the game but they will have to be careful because one of them is the impostor.


What does Admin include in Among Us?

The impostor will have to eliminate the rest of the players and will also have new abilities. These abilities are as follows:

  • HARDWARE CHECK. Option to place a trap with the V key. When a player is on the trap we will be able to trigger it and eliminate him.
  • FIRE MA. Ability to shoot another player with a rifle. Activated with the right mouse button.
  • KICK STICK. There is the option to chat with other players through this ability.
  • HALLWAY. This ability allows you to travel through a series of hidden corridors surrounding the map. The impostor will be able to walk through these corridors while observing the rest of the players.
  • DROPSHIP. Ability to follow another player across the map. When we activate this ability we will appear in the room where he/she is.
  • KEYBOARD RAIN. Option to bombard an area of the map with giant keys that will crush and eliminate the player who reaches it.
  • TRANSFORM. Possibility to change the appearance between that of another player and the impostor. When this option is activated more skills will appear.
  • SHIP TELEPORT. Allows you to travel to another point on the map immediately.
  • SPY ON PLAYER.Locates another player as well as allows the possibility of eliminating players that appear with a tick.


Includes a new mini-game consisting of a kind of tetris where we will have to build a pile with computer parts. The slowest player will be eliminated.

Download Evil Admin for Among Us

This is a private MOD that has not been released and therefore cannot be downloaded for free. It is not available but you can check other Free MODs on our website.