Download Evil Bully MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

Evil Bully adds a new game mode where one of the players plays the role of Nerd and will have to escape from the rest of the players who play the role of Evil Bully. This is a MOD for Among Us focused on the theme of Bullying, however the real hero of this MOD is the player who plays the role of Nerd since the real villains, both in the MOD and in life, are the bullies.

Evil Bully

What does Evil Bully include in Among Us?

Players will be able to pick up a multitude of items scattered around the map such as basketballs or ball guns that they can use to attack Nerd. The player who plays the role of Nerd is the real hero of this game as he will have to escape from the rest of the players, for this he can camouflage himself in some areas of the map (NERD ZONE) also he can collect objects that will bring him new skills such as:

  • GUN STEAL. This ability allows you to steal another player’s item in your hand
  • SWIRLY. Option to put several players at once in toilets. This ability serves to immobilize the other players for a few moments.
  • GLUE TRAP. Spread a giant blob of glue that will trap players who fall into it.
  • FIRE DRILL. Option to start the mini-game for all the players.
  • INVISIBLE. This ability renders the player invisible for 45 seconds.
  • TELEPORT WALL. Ability to set up a wall to block access.
  • ZOOM OUT. Eliminate another player by throwing a giant pencil through him/her.
  • SEARCH. Allows you to search through the garbage cans on the map to find items that unlock new abilities.
  • SPEED. Possibility to increase the scrolling speed.
  • PENCIL STAB. Eliminate a player after stabbing him in the eye with a pencil.
  • TELEPORT. Option to be able to travel immediately to a previously selected part of the map.

Download Evil Bully

Includes a new map inspired by a school, players will start the game in a classroom from where they can access the rest of the map after passing through the children’s area. It also includes a new mini-game that consists of climbing a mountain of notes while various objects fall from the top. The last player to reach the top will be eliminated.

Download Evil Bully for Among Us

This is a private MOD for Among Us that is not available for public download. However, you can check other Mods on our website, where you will find MODS Packs.