Download Evil Scientist MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Evil Scientist adds a new role to the impostor that will allow him to step into the shoes of an Evil Scientist as well as use new abilities that will allow him to set traps to damage or even incinerate his enemies.

Evil Scientist

What does Evil Scientist include in Among Us?

The imposter will have a new role based on a mad scientist in addition to new abilities which are:

  • CHEMISTRY. Trap that simulates a task but will eliminate the player who chooses to use this table.
  • MONSTER. Trap that infects a player with a monster. It has a 50% survival rate.
  • BUNSEN BURNER. Allows you to place a giant bonfire on the ground that will incinerate the player standing on it. It is activated with the right button.
  • MIND CONTROL. Ability that allows you to control the movements of another player.
  • KILL PRISONERS. Kill the prisonrs in the laboratory.
  • EXPERIMENT TRAP. This trap looks like an experiment so it is likely that some player will enter the cabin. If this happens and the trap is activated (right mouse button) the player inside will be eliminated.
  • LAB PRISON. Possibility to lock the prisoners in the prison of the laboratory.
  • TRANSFORM. Option to change the character’s role to Evil Scientist or normal player.
  • SCIENTIST ROOM. This ability allows instant travel to the impostor’s lair. In the impostor’s lair there are special tables from where the impostor will be able to control the traps scattered around the map.
  • TELEPORT. This option allows the possibility to instantly transport you to another place on the map. It is activated with the mouse roulette.

Download Evil Scientist

It includes a new map that has a dark and spooky touch as well as including a new mini-game where two players must rebuild Frankenstein’s monster in the shortest time possible. The slower player will be eliminated.

Download Evil Scientist for Among Us

This is a private MOD for Among Us that is not available for free download. However, you can check other Free MODs on our website, where you will also find packs of the best MODS.